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TPV - Bluetooth/serial portable contactless coupler

•    It connects to any hand held computer via Bluetooth
•    It processes contactless smart cards
•    It stays in pocket or to the belt
•    Replaceable battery pack to increase autonomy
•    3 SAM modules
•    Optional RS-232 version

107 x 68 x 27 mm

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DTIC-A - Tabletop advanced contactless coupler

•    2M+384K FLASH / 8M DRAM / 0.5M SRAM
•    Mxm 5
•    ISO 14443A-B, 15693, Calypso 3, MIFARE, DESfire, Felica, NFC
•    4 SAM
•    RS-232, USB, Ethernet

168 x 154 x 117 mm

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DTE/X - Contactless ticket emitting/encoding machine

•    Issues magnetic tickets (/M) or contactless tickets (/X) with real time encoding
•    Suited for ticket offices or small massive productions
•    Serial control
•    TIC PC application for assisted ticket offices

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DTE/M Magnetic ticket emitting/encoding machine

•    Emission tickets magnétiques (/M) avec codification en temps réel
•    Pour bureaux de vente ou productions massives
•    Contrôle par port série

Applicatif PC TIC pour bureaux de vente avec opérateur

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Developer kits

•    All AEP devices are based on a really open architecture that allows independent software developers to create their own applications.
•    Software Developer Kits (SDK) are available and contain all the required tools and information.
•    AEP Developer Program supplies all the support for the better use of AEP products





SW16 Vehicolar intelligent Ethernet switch


10/100Mbps IEEE 802.3 Bridge RS-232, RS-485, USB, GPS, CAN bus Power management digital I/O Memory 2/4Gbyte

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