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Easy Ticketing Company

AEP Ticketing Solutions designs and produces equipments and software in Italy for Electronic Ticketing System. Its history began in 1998 and was characterized by continual successes. AEP Ticketing Solutions is committed to provide a real alternative solutions to traditional operators, equipments with modern, affordable and, above all, based on open architectures and then on the principle that the relationship with the customer should be preserved with the respect and confidence, not by technological barriers.

AEP Ticketing Solutions has invested in technology for contactless and magnetic ticketing and now offers the amplest portfolio of products for Electronic Ticketing System. AEP believes that the innovative technology and exemplary quality are the key of business achievement. Each new device is subjected to very severe tests in laboratories, which have the most complete and modern equipment, also to verify the compliance with applicable international standards. All tests are then repeated by an independent notified structure issuing relatives certificates. All on-board equipment have European ("e") and International approval issued by the Ministry of Transport of the Italian Republic. AEP's products are used successfully, for over ten years, by the most important Italian and international System Integrators; thanks to their open architecture, flexible and modular, can be configured and customized to meet all needs of transport companies. For each product are available a development kits ("SDK"), training and support programs for developers.