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•    ET, Easy Ticketing, (briefly "ET") is a suite of software applications covering every part of the Electronic Ticketing System.
•    Thanks to AEP's investments , the Transport Companies can now have access to a powerful, light, easy to use and modular to create with a low cost, an e-Ticketing system based on AEP devices, such as validators, sales machine , on-board computer and similar , coming from an unique supplier. Multi-language support (ready in Italian, French, English, Polish, Spanish)

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•    Heart of the Electronic Ticketing System, it allows its remote configuration through a lot of parameters
•    Multi-company / multi-level, suitable for different companies operating in synergy and to integrated interoperable basins
•    Definition of operators and their rights, user profiles, travel tickets, etc..
•    Personal data management
•    Black / gray / blue / green / white list management
•    Remote monitoring of devices
•    Importing of the transport network definitions and of shift / races / times
•    It oversees the system, for the detection of any abnormality and to prevent and solve problems
•    All sales data, validation and control are concentrated regularly in the center
•    It allows the statistical analysis of the data, the creation of reports or the exportation to other systems
•    Web architecture, just a standard web browser is needed to use it through Internet
•    Extended use of web services to enable the integration with third-parties applications
•    Perfectly integrated with other ET series applications and AEP equipment

Multi-language support (ready in Italian, French, English, Polish, Spanish)




•    SAM remote control system
•    SAM Remote Unlocking through PIN
•    SAM location management and their remote supervision
•    Remote management of SAM blacklists
•    SAM plafond recharging management
•    SAM remote functions
•    Possibility to work on HSM or on simplified physical platforms (AEP SAM server)
•    Complete integration in the ET - the Easy Ticketing System
•    Multilingual support (ready in Italian, French, English, Polish, Spanish)




•    Standardized interface between the system software and remote devices through standard channels (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GPRS. UMTS, etc..) Transmission of configuration , collection of transactions and diagnostic data.
•    Remotely update of software.
•    Data Encryption
•    Safe operation, loss of data is impossible in all conditions
•    Every transaction is recorded and accessible.
•    Accessible locally or through web interface
•    Also available as service
•    Total control and total monitoring
•    Complete integration in the system ET - the Easy Ticketing
•    Multilingual support (ready in Italian, French, English, Polish, Spanish)



MOB sale and reload portable system

•    Completly integrated on ET - The Easy Ticketing
•    It sells paper ticket
•    It processes contactless smart card
•    On installation at: Arriva Matla

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Sanctions management

•    Application for the management of sanctions imposed in urban and suburban circles
•    It manages the entire cycle of administrative minutes, including petitions to the Justice of the Peace
•    Operative for: ATAF & Li-nea Firenze;Tiemme Piombino and Grosseto





Web Agent

•    WebAgent is a product intended for staff who manages shops
•    Shops on consignment
•    Online shops
•    Shops having direct sales
•    It also manages the self-invoice issue to shops
•    Operative for: Tiemme Piombino and Grosseto





Virgilio timetable consultation

•    Makes possible the remote consultation of the times
•    Compatible with mobile devices
•    Rapid consultation for the user who knows the network
•    Simple consultation for the user who does not know the network
•    Operative for: Tiemme Piombino and Grosseto





Regional law 100/98

•    Tuscany region law 100/98 titles management
•    Operative for: ATAF Firenze and Tiemme Piombino and Grosseto