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XP4 and xp 24
are the fourth generation of ixla passport personalization laser system



The IXLA XP4 is designed to simplify the personalization of e-passports and contactless ID cards by laser engraving technology and at the point of issuance. This unique laser system is the logical development to provide the functionality and performance normally found in devices too big for modern office positions in an unitwith the same footprint of a desk-top line printer. The easy-to-use XP4 XP24 brings to the quality of laser engraving and MLI (Multiple Laser Image) performance of the XP evo the benefits of additional flexibility of a simple manual insertion by a sliding tray (XP4) or 20 booklets autoloading system (XP24). This capability is also particularly valuable when a daily production of many epassports are requested. A wide range of options - including contactless reader/writer, XY repositioning camera - further enhance its flexibility and broaden its scope of use.


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