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Company Profile

ixlaIXLA was established on May 2003, with the main target to provide equipment for the emerging market of plastic card personalization by laser engraving technology.  
The technological background of internal staff is from R&D of laser source industry and specialized peripherals for distributed ICT 
IXLA's operations are located in a high skilled industrial area for mechatronics, electronics and software development. Important International Companies with mechatronics and ICT competence are located in our region, this means top qualified industrial infrastructure 
The core competence are whole kept inside the Company thanks a qualified engineering team of mechanical, electronic, laser experts and software engineers 
Outsourcing of low value-added activities to reduce delivery times and maintain flexibility. 
Selected strategic partners for complementary internal components of our systems 
The main goal of IXLA is to own and to keep up to date the internal technological modules, the software and the hardware for the laser source, to reduce significantly the integration time for new developments 
To better fit the requirements of each Customer demand and eliminate the dependence from third parties for all strategic components 


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