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MB-2 is a multifunction printer for bank front offices. With its ultra-compact dimensions and extensive range of functions, MB-2 simplifies front-office installations and supports new applications.

MB-2 is the ideal tool for Document Platform solutions, enabling text and image acquisition directly by the cashier. Functions such as optical character recognition and magnetic code line recognition are just two of the many options available. MB-2 is compatible with the applications currently implemented on the PR2, the highly successful bank printer.

  • A4 duplex scanner, black/white, greyscale and colours up to 600 dpi
  • 24-dot matrix printer with auto-border and auto-alignment
  • Three-port USB 2.0 HUB, including a front-facing port
  • Operator display for machine messages and application messages





PR2 PLUS has been designed in different models from the entry-level version to the dual-side scanner model (MB-2model) in order to satisfy multifunctional front-office applications. It is capable to print on all Bank forms from single-sheet and multiple-copy documents to passbooks.

The Olivetti passbook printers PR2 PLUS offer complete solutions in bank teller.

  • One of the smallest and quietest models in its product class
  • Superior printing speeds
  • Process all bank forms
  • Magnetic-stripe reading and writing
  • Dual side colour scanning (MB-2 model)
  • Ultra fast alignment





The open-frame Olivetti A600K is the only scanner combining a cheque reader (MICR) and document scanner in one single device which integrates easily into Self-Service Kiosks and ATMs.

Thanks to its unparalleled small footprint, upgrading existing self-service systems is unbelievably easy and low cost, with no need to redesign the current installed base. A unique device incorporating a patented automatic alignment system to prevent errors and improve the user’s experience and customer satisfaction.

Currently, Oliscan A600K has been successfully implemented on a large scale by the major ATM’s vendors as part of important branch transformation projects.

Technical specifications:

  • MICR reader - Magnetic recognition of MICR codeline (CMC7 / E13B)
  • Double feed sensor - Ultrasonic sensor detects double document feed
  • Autoalignement module - Patented auto-adjustment technology error-free (option)
  • Pre-scan inkjet head - 1 line, to print on long edge of moving paper (factory option), to support cheque validation and documents protocol
  • Software - TWAIN driver, XFS Wosa Service provider, SW Development Kit (testing tools, API)



 M355 PLUS  


M355 plus combines all the PR2 plus printing features with continuous documents handling functionalities through the tractor on the back to manage all types of documents at banks branches and other industries.

Equipped with a 24-dot matrix print head, it has a high print speed in terms of characters per second and a large production capacity.

M355 plus is the unique device in the world available for continuous form handling, passbook printing and magnetic stripe R&W.


ribbon cartridge


Cartridge ribbon products have applied high quality fabric which conforms to European standards, with a life span of 5 million characters, 7 million characters and a maximum of 10 million characters is now available.

Original ribbon cartridge products are made in Europe with high quality fabric and indelible carbon free ink which conforms to European standards, with a life span of 4 million characters and 10 million characters.



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